From the beginning, it was just a tea drink. Now it has become a high-end brand in the eyes of everyone. What changes have happened to the milk tea brand? There are many unstable factors in the tea stalls, so there is a current store operation. The first store was established in 1997. In the following year, after 1998, the branch was gradually set up, and the current joining mode was slowly established.

After several years of development, a little bit of milk tea has become famous in Taiwan, and the number of franchise stores has gradually increased. By 2011, there are more than 500 stores in Taiwan. At the same time, a little bit of milk tea rushed into the mainland market in 2011, and the number of direct stores and franchise stores is constantly rising. And in 2010, a little bit of milk tea began to focus on the development of overseas markets, and that the brand overseas also has development prospects.

Now development of a little bit of milk tea is witnessed by everyone, the product is the soul of a brand, the quality of a cup of milk tea products is the key to everyone pay attention to a brand. A little bit of milk tea adheres to the principle of a little more insistence and more care, so that every cup of milk tea is almost perfect, with each demand as the starting point, a large number of market research, on the road of research and development improvement.

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